An iconic aeroplane, a WWI veteran, and a pair of specs: The Story of Ayres & Co.

An iconic aeroplane, a WWI veteran, and a pair of specs: The Story of Ayres & Co.

In a world increasingly conscious of the need for sustainability, it seems strange that no matter how much is paid for glasses or sunglasses, the case is almost invariably fragile and, well, disposable.

Enter, the Ayres & Co glasses case- the first case which is every bit as stylish as the glasses they contain, and robust enough to ensure that they remain so.

Inspired by the sleek and stylish (though a little tired) case found amongst the effects of a First World War veteran, his grandson and the founder of Ayres & Co had become increasingly frustrated by the lack of a suitable replacement for cases supplied with expensive pairs of glasses. These cases rapidly become shabby and barely fit for purpose and so a protective case, ideally one not so unattractive as to be hastily hidden away, was sought but with no success.

The solution- to design and have one specifically made. This was going to be prohibitively expensive for a one-off. But if one person had this need, surely there would be others who would want one too if it were available?

Thus began a four-year journey culminating in the forthcoming launch of the very first Ayres & Co case.

This case fulfils the original brief and then some- each half of the shell CNC engineered from a single piece of aerospace-grade aluminium, and then lined with TPE rubber in a range of colours to suit your taste.

The design of the case is a modern take on that vintage case, with a nod to iconic designs such as that of the DeHavillandComet airliner. It’s visually simple yet stunning, and perhaps even sensuous to the touch.

Finally, inspired by a man wounded in action 100 years ago, glasses and sunglasses which exude the very style so many of us are willing to invest in can be properly protected by a case with its own distinctive style.

Ayres & Co.’s crowdfunding campaign will be launching on Kickstarter on the 7th November 2018. Early backers can receive their case at a 50% discounted price of £99. Funds raised will help pay for the tooling and high-quality materials that will set Ayres & Co. apart from the cheaper cases that wear out over time