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  luxury glasses case is a timeless solution for the protection of your eyewear.

Designed and made in Britain. Ayres and Co. was inspired by the sleek and stylish spectacles case found amongst the effects of a First World War veteran.

Each glasses case is precision engineered from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminium.

Its distinctive, slimline design offers long lasting protection with a touch of style. 



This durable material ensures that the glasses inside will remain safe from any bumps, mishaps or unfortunate sitting accidents! 

The customisable TPE rubber insert not only provides additional protection for your eyewear but also softens the opening and closing noise to a satisfying snap.  



Ayres & Co. glasses case has been over 4 years in development to ensure that every aspect of the design is as faultless as it deserves to be.

Customise Your Case


The TPE rubber lining of your case is available in a choice of 6 colours. 


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